Job Posting: Terrestrial Effects Scientist in Toronto

The Canadian Society of Agronomy has a job opening for a terrestrial effects scientist in Toronto. Read their description below for more information:

Terrestrial Effects Scientist

We have an unique opportunity for an innovative environmental professional to provide scientific expertise and leadership in the design, conduct and interpretation of vegetation and soil surveys, monitoring programs and special studies that assess the impacts of environmental contamination and/or other environmental stressors on vegetation health (plants, trees, crops) and soil quality.

What can I expect to do in this role?

You will:

  • lead the design and conduct of complex vegetation and soil surveys, monitoring programs and/or special studies to assess the impacts of environmental contaminants and/or other environmental stressors on vegetation health (plants, trees and crops) and/or soil quality
  • prepare technical reports summarizing vegetation or soil surveys, monitoring programs and/or special studies
  • review and provide feedback/recommendations on the vegetation and soil components of third party assessments/surveys, monitoring programs, special studies and/or risk assessments
  • provide expert advice, technical and scientific information to ministry staff, senior management, public, consultants, academia and related industry stakeholders
  • lead a team of scientific/technical peers on special projects to obtain soil and vegetation related data in support of the ministry’s standard setting and guideline development programs
  • identify scientific knowledge gaps in our understanding of the effects of environmental contaminants and other environmental stressors on vegetation health and soil quality that warrant further study and suggest procedures and protocols to implement special studies

Location: 125 Resources Road, Etobicoke,Toronto- Ontario

How do I qualify?


  • you have a valid Ontario driver’s licence (Class G) to conduct field work as required
  • you have the ability to conduct field work including field work that may involve multiple days in remote locations and/or involve difficult terrain

Technical Knowledge:

  • you have comprehensive knowledge of and are able to apply the theories and principles of plant science (for example, plant physiology, phytotoxicology) and soil science
  • you have direct relevant experience assessing and interpreting the effects of environmental contaminants and/or other stressors on soil quality and vegetation health (e.g. plants, trees, crops)
  • you know the cause-effect relationships between environmental contaminants/stressors and vegetation and soil endpoints of concern to Ontario
  • you know the implications of plant air pollution sensitivities and pollution injury symptoms

Investigative, Risk Assessment and Legislative Knowledge:

  • you have knowledge of investigative theory, protocols and methodologies to design and conduct complex, innovative soil and vegetation surveys, monitoring programs or special studies
  • you have the ability to provide expert advice on the soil and vegetation components of environmental assessments, risk assessments and third party soil and vegetation surveys and/or monitoring programs
  • you understand the principles, concepts and approaches associated with risk assessment and management
  • you can properly apply relevant policies, regulations (e.g. O.Reg. 153/04 – Record of Site Condition), guidelines (e.g. Upper Limits of NNormal, Ontario Typical Range, soil remediation guidelines), standards and legislation (e.g. Environmental Protection Act, Environmental Assessment Act)

Statistical, Data Analysis and Computer Knowledge:

  • you have theoretical and practical knowledge of statistical methods, data modelling, data analysis, sources and types of analytical error and associated computer applications/tools
  • you have experience using common computer systems and software including word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, statistical packages and mapping programs (e.g. GIS)

Leadership, Project Management and Analytical Skills:

  • you demonstrate highly developed leadership and project management skills to initiate, lead and/or oversee projects and special studies
  • you can assess the scope of environmental emergencies or unique scientific problems and resolve them
  • you can evaluate and analyze complex scientific information involving multiple, interrelated and interdependent components

Communication, Relationship Management and Organizational Skills:

  • you can communicate highly technical information in a clear and logical manner
  • you can develop a variety of written product such as scientific reports, proposals, briefings, etc.
  • you have strong stakeholder relationship and interpersonal skills to represent the ministry on inter- and intra-ministry working groups and to work effectively with internal staff, other ministry areas and the public
  • you have the ability to effectively plan, organize and manage time to accomplish multiple requests within competing deadlines


  • This position requires the ability to conduct fieldwork including fieldwork that may involve multiple days in remote locations and/or involve difficult terrain.

Salary range: $1,338.21 – $ 1,698.50 per week

Please apply online, only, at, quoting Job ID 76671 by April 15, 2015. Faxes are not being accepted at this time. If you require a disability related accommodation in order to participate in the recruitment process, please contact us at to provide your contact information. Recruitment Services staff will contact you within 48 hours. Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

The Ontario Public Service is an equal opportunity employer. Accommodation will be provided in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.