Graduate Student Opportunity: Soil Microbes and Prairie Restoration, Michigan /Maimi Universities

The labs of Dr. Emily Grman and Dr. Paul Price at Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI) and Dr. Jonathan Bauer at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) are recruiting M.S. and Ph.D. students to work on a collaborative NSF-funded project investigating soil microbes and prairie restoration. Students will isolate mutualistic rhizobia and mycorrhizal fungi from restored and remnant prairies and determine whether the interactions among legumes, rhizobia, and mycorrhizal fungi that we normally encounter in remnant prairies also occur in restored prairies. With the isolates obtained, we will also investigate the magnitude and consistency of multi-mutualist effects across environmental gradients. Enthusiastic students will also be encouraged to explore their own questions within the umbrella of topics within the funded project. For more information on our research interests, please see our websites:

We have research and teaching assistantships available to support students for the duration of this five-year grant, beginning as soon as summer 2020. Experience in field biology, plant ecology, microbiology, or related fields is preferred but not required.

If interested, please email Dr. Grman ( or Dr. Price ( at Eastern Michigan or Dr. Bauer ( at Miami with a cover letter detailing your interest in ecology/microbiology and a resume and/or CV. It’s best to reach out by November or December so we can exchange ideas in advance of application deadlines. Consideration for admission to graduate programs will begin January 1st at Miami University and as applications are received at Eastern Michigan (priority given to applications received by February 15th).