Job Posting: Soil Scientist, USDA-Agriculture Research Service

Full time/Permanent Soil Scientist position available with the USDA-ARS. This position is located in Crop Production Systems Research Unit (CPSRU), Stoneville, Mississippi.

The incumbent is a Research Soil Scientist with the CPSRU. The research emphasis will be on maintaining and enhancing soil resources. The incumbent will determine the effects of soil and crop management practices on soil quality and agrochemical fate and transport.

-Forms hypotheses; plans and conducts research; analyzes, interprets, and publishes results that would benefit other scientists, government agencies, industry, producers, and the general public;
-Research involves field as well as greenhouse and laboratory work;
-Develop robust methodologies to evaluate and measure the impact of new herbicide-resistant cropping systems on soil and water resources of the Southeast;
-Use a systems approach to develop sustainable soil and water management practices in the production of herbicide-resistant crops;
-Evaluate short-and long-term effects of tillage, cover crops, and fallow cultivation on soil and water quality;
-Determine the fate and persistence of old herbicide chemistry used in conjunction with existing and new herbicide-resistant crop technologies;
-Develop better and sustainable water and irrigation management strategies to reduce soil runoff

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