MSc and PhD Opportunities: Carbon Modelling at the University of Guelph

Funded PhD and MSc positions: tackling gaps in soil carbon modelling.

Project: Are you fascinated by soil carbon? You have probably heard a lot about soil carbon sequestration and cycling recently. Did you know that most of the soil carbon reporting and assessing comes from models? How would you like to be a contributor to improving those models?

Terrestrial carbon models in Canada are carried out under a variety of platforms, with agriculture predominantly using CENTURY. These models need to be updated to include modern crop cultivars, Ontario-specific environmental conditions and soil amendments. We are looking to develop an explicit spatial component as well. In addition, the model itself requires rigorous re-evaluation, and so this project offers a lot of room to promising candidates to develop highly applicable modelling approaches.

Qualifications: Training in ecological modelling, environmental science, geography, agriculture, earth or soil sciences. Applicants should be willing to combine field work, laboratory and computer analysis and be able to work independently as well as co-operatively with other graduate students, field, and research staff. Previous experience with modelling, remote sensing and coding is an asset for the MSc candidate, and is essential for the PhD candidate.

Apply: Please provide a letter of interest, CV, and contact information for 2 references to Dr. Adam Gillespie ( in the School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph, Ontario Canada.


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