2019 Summer Soil ID Course – Osoyoos

Upon completing this course, participants will know how to:

  • texture a soil
  • dig a soil pit for description and interpretation purposes
  • differentiate and describe horizons
  • interpret soils and landscapes for possible land uses using a basic approach

Thanks to our mentors who generously teach the course content!


Registration is now closed. Please contact prsssemail@gmail.com to be put on the wait-list.

There is no cost to apply and payment information will be sent out once participants are confirmed. All applicants will receive a response by July 7th to let them know if they are accepted for the course or are on the wait-list. All selected participants will be given one week to complete the payment process.

Important Application Information

Due to the high anticipated demand for the course we will be taking applications and assessing them based on pre-determined criteria. Preference will be given to those who:
  • Have not attended our Summer Soil ID course in the past
  • Live and/or work in the Okanagan region

The remaining spots will be “first-come, first-serve”.


  • $100 – students
  • $200 – professionals

To attend the course you must be a 2019/2020 PRSSS member (membership fees are $10 for students and $20 for professionals). For those accepted into the course payment information will be sent to you via email. There will be a 5 day period to complete the payment and if it is not done within this time then the spot will be forfeited.

Accommodations and Food

Details on a group campsite booking will be announced soon. Cost TBD.

Participants are also welcome to find their own accommodations in Osoyoos.

For the duration of the trip participants are responsible for their own meals. A group dinner during one of the evenings will be an additional cost of $10.