Warkentin Prize

Annually, the PRSSS accepts nominations and applications for the Warkentin Prize. The Warkentin Prize of $500 will be awarded to a graduate student, or someone who has graduated from a graduate program within the last two years, that has published a graduate thesis or peer-reviewed article in the field of soil science.

Note: This prize is open to soil scientists worldwide (PRSSS membership is not a requirement)

During the call for application and  nominations you can apply by emailing the following to prsssemail@gmail.com:

  • Name, institution attended, and most recent degree
  • a copy or link to the publication (peer-reviewed article or thesis accepted)
  • a statement explaining how the article has contributed to the field of soil science
  • a brief statement outlining the significance of the research to the public
  • a maximum of two letters of support

You can also nominate a student by sending us a link or copy of their publication, along with a statement supporting your nomination.

For more information on the application guidelines click here

The deadline to apply/nominate is May 31, 2019.

The Warkentin Prize recipient will be acknowledged in our newsletter and on our website. The recipient will also be invited to give a presentation of their research at the next PRSSS Spring Workshop and Annual General Meeting.

Please send completed applications or nominations to prsssemail@gmail.com

  • For more information on Benno Warkentin and the award click here

To apply or nominate you must be a current member of the PRSSS. To register for membership please visit the membership section of our website. Please note that if you attended the AGM & Spring Workshop, your annual membership fee was included in the event fee (see the membership section of our website for more details).