Warkentin Prize

The PRSSS is now accepting nominations and applications for the 2017 Warkentin Prize. The Warkentin Prize of $500 will be awarded to a student, or someone who has graduated within the last two years, that has published a peer-reviewed article in the field of soil science.

You can apply directly by sending a copy or link to the publication as well as two letters of support and a statement explaining how the article has contributed to soil science advancement. You can also nominate a student by sending us a link or copy of their publication, along with a statement supporting your nomination.

The deadline to apply is March 1st, 2017. The Warkentin Prize will be presented at our Annual General Meeting at the PRSSS spring workshop at the University of British Columbia on March 25th.


  • For more information on Benno Warkentin and the award click here
  • For more information on the application guidelines click here


 To apply or nominate you need to be a member of the PRSS. 

Apply at: prsssemail.gmail.com