Eurosoil 2020 Conference – Geneva, August 24-28

The EUROSOIL 2020 Conference is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland August 24-28, 2020.
The call for abstracts is open until February 20, 2020. 
The tropical soils session is looking for presenters. 
Here is the session description:

4.19 Understanding tropical soils biogeochemistry to tackle food production and environmental challenges.

Tropical soils have on average sustained a longer weathering history than their temperate counterparts. Their geochemistry and mineralogy thus tend to differ from temperate soils yet they remain highly diversified, with important consequences for element cycling in tropical ecosystems. In this session, we welcome insights into the biogeochemistry of different types of tropical soils in natural and human-affected ecosystems. Of particular importance are soil physico-chemical and microbial processes controlling the biogeochemical cycling of carbon, plant nutrients and potentially toxic elements, and the interconnection between elements cycles. Studies that link soil biogeochemical processes to food production, environmental quality or biodiversity issues will receive first consideration. Finally, we would like to highlight works that address the challenge of communicating advances in tropical pedology to stakeholders of rural areas. This session should be of interest to soil scientists interested in tropical pedogenesis and biogeochemistry as well as agronomists, land use planners and natural resource managers working in tropical areas.

Lead conveners: Stephanie Grand (Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics – University of Lausanne)  and Jean-Thomas Cornélis   (Université Liège – Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech)
Co-conveners: Karen Van Kampenhout (KU Leuven), Laurent Caner (Université de Poitiers)