PhD opportunities: Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph

Two funded PhD positions: Structural stability of agricultural soils in Ontario

Project: Surface and subsurface compaction, due to traffic, and surface crusting, due to rain-induced
disaggregation, continue to be major problems facing agriculture in Ontario and elsewhere. With the
trend towards larger farms, more massive equipment and increasing unpredictability of climate, the risk
of soil compaction increases. In response, many producers are considering track-based implements or
rapid tire deflation/re-inflation systems on their equipment. The impact of these systems, relative to soil
texture, organic matter, and moisture status is still not well understood. High-resolution x-ray computed
tomography (CT) scanning will be used in this research, in conjunction with infield pressure sensors and
soil penetrometers to better understand structural changes under compaction in Ontario soils.


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