Thesis Defence: Chantel Chizen

We are pleased to announce that our former PRSSS President Chantel Chizen successfully defended her Master’s in Soil Science thesis in late June 2020!

Thesis Title: The Effects of Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates and Planting Date on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Potato Production in Delta, British Columbia

Summary: In the Lower Fraser River Valley (LFRV), potatoes are an economically important crop, but they often require intensive management. The objective of this research was to assess how greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, potato production, and soil properties are influenced by nitrogen (N) fertilizer rate and planting date at a productive and an unproductive field. Through the field experiment it was found that N fertilizer rate has an effect on GHG emissions outside of the growing season, when the majority of precipitation occurs in the LFRV. Temperature and soil water content are key influencers on the production of N2O when soil N is available as observed in the incubation experiment. Delayed planting did not affect GHG emissions or crop yields. This research emphasizes the importance of reviewing N fertilizer management at fields with signs of soil degradation that will, most likely, respond differently to N fertilizers than productive fields. The findings from this study will support the development of management practices in the LFRV to reduce agricultural GHG emissions and improve N fertilizer use efficiency.

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