Thesis Defence: Teresa Silverthorn

We are pleased to announce that our former PRSSS Executive Teresa Silverthorn successfully defended her Master’s in Forestry thesis!

Thesis Title: The influence of forest management and spatio-temporal variation on greenhouse gas fluxes from riparian soils along headwater streams

Abstract: Riparian zones, or the zones of interaction between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, have valuable ecosystem functions, and are particularly vulnerable to forest harvest alongside headwater streams in coastal British Columbia. My objectives were to determine the effects of forest harvest as well as the effects of spatial and temporal variation on greenhouse gas fluxes from riparian soils, in order to inform forest management and improve greenhouse gas budgets for this understudied ecosystem. I found that clear-cutting in the riparian zone without a buffer reduced nitrous oxide fluxes and increased methane fluxes. I also found that methane fluxes were highest in topographic depressions in the riparian zone. Additionally, soil temperature, soil moisture, and depth to the groundwater table were significant predictors of greenhouse gas fluxes. My results further our knowledge of biogeochemical cycling in headwater riparian ecosystems.

To learn more about Teresa and her research visit below at:

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Twitter: @Silverthorn_T

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