Event: SABS Conference on Contaminated Sites

The Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites (SABCS) in British Columbia is pleased to announce our 11th Annual Conference on Contaminated Sites, which will be hosted in conjunction with GeoEnviroPro Training Professionals Inc. Over the past ten years, the SABCS conferences and workshops have brought together speakers and participants from industry, government, and academia to share innovation, application of technology, best practices, and lessons learned, through presentations and discussion. We seek to promote excellence through presentations by international thought leaders and show-casing the expertise of the local community. This year, the conference and workshop will be held virtually on
September 27, 28 and 29, 2021, from 8:30am until 12:30pm Pacific time each day.

We encourage sharing of ideas and knowledge from a range of perspectives and on different topics related to contaminated lands management (please see suggested topics below). Innovation and technology to address resilient and effective contaminated lands management, a key theme of this year’s conference will be Adaptation and Resilience in Contaminated Lands Management, and in particular innovation and technology to address these challenges.  Attending this conference will be a worthwhile investment that will provide you with new perspectives, practical knowledge, professional connections, and will equip you to excel in your professional practice.

The benefits of attending this conference include enabling participants to:

  • Learn: Wide-ranging presentations provide practical information on site investigation and remediation.
  • Recharge: Listen to cutting-edge research, new ideas and lessons learned.
  • Connect: Session breaks include virtual networking so you can meet other professionals in the industry.
  • Give Back: Share your expertise and lessons learned and contribute to discussions.
  • Interact: Contribute to question-and-answer breaks and panel sessions.
  • Access: Benefit from on-demand access to audio and digital presentations after the event.
  • Develop: As a professional and acquire professional development hours.

To learn more and register, CLICK HERE.