Job Posting: PhD Position at University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen (Jesper Christiansen and Lars Vesterdal) have funding for a large project on rewilding and its effects on soil carbon stability, turnover and greenhouse gas dynamics.

The project is called WildSoil ( and it is based in Denmark. We will investigate if there are climate mitigation benefits alongside the positive biodiversity effects of rewilding. Not much knowledge out there on this as the soil functions have largely been overlooked. Over the next five years we will hopefully get a better insight in to the interactions between rewilding and soil functions.

In WildSoil there are two PhD positions open. Any candidates looking for an overseas adventure in Denmark!

Please see:

Soil organic matter persistence

Soil biogeochemistry and greenhouse gases

Please contact the folks at Wildsoil if you have any questions (you can find their contact info on the sites posted above)