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Job Posting: Terrestrial Effects Scientist in Toronto

The Canadian Society of Agronomy has a job opening for a terrestrial effects scientist in Toronto. Read their description below for more information: Terrestrial Effects Scientist We have an unique opportunity for an innovative environmental professional to provide scientific expertise and leadership in the design, conduct and interpretation of vegetation and soil surveys, monitoring programs […]

BC Provincial Soil: The Voting Process

BC Provincial Soil: The Voting Process

The selection of BC provincial soil was a democratic process. We received 7 proposals of soil candidates in the fall of 2014, which included the Abbotsford soil series, Delta soil series, Deserters soil series, Eunice soil series, Neptune soil series, Osoyoos soil series, and Alpine Sombric Brunisols. Read the proposals for each soil type here. […]

Job Opening: Assistant Professor in Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation, University of Saskatchewan
Registration Closes March 21st for the Spring Workshop and AGM!