Student Awards

Two new student research awards will be given based on the merits of:

• Academic achievement
• Research proposal
• Leadership and community service
• Financial need
• Communication skills and Letters of recommendation

The Les Lavkulich Graduate Student Award in Soil Science. One award of $5000. For more information click here.

The Art Bomke Undergraduate Student Award in Soil Science. One award of $3000. For more information click here.

To apply: Please read the above guidelines for the applicable award and submit your application to

Application deadline: October 31, 2018














Annually, we provide students with the opportunity to showcase their ideas and projects related to soil science at our Spring Workshop and AGM.

To present a poster at our upcoming Spring Workshop and AGM please register here.

Past Recipients


1st Prize: Nicolette Lax (UBC) - Effect of low tunnels and plant biomass and fruit yield of summer squash

2nd Prize: Marieta Marin Bruzos (UBC) - Potential of cherry rhizosphere Actinomycetes as biocontrol agents against plant-parasitic nematodes

3rd Prize: Doug Terpsma (TRU) - The “Topographic Signature”: Using Fine-Scale Soil Variability and Topography for Predicting Available Soil Water in Hot, Dry Douglas-fir Ecosystems

Annually, the PRSSS accepts nominations and applications for the Warkentin Prize. The Warkentin Prize of $500 will be awarded to a student, or someone who has graduated within the last two years, that has published a peer-reviewed article in the field of soil science.

  • For more information about the award click here
  • For more information on Benno Warkentin click here
  • For more information on the application guidelines click here

Past Recipients


  • Gabriel Maltais-Landry
  • Jacynthe Masse


  • Katelyn Congreves