Student Awards

The PRSSS awards two student research based on the merits of:

• Academic achievement
• Research proposal
• Leadership and community service
• Financial need
• Communication skills and Letters of recommendation


The Les Lavkulich Graduate Student Award in Soil Science. One award of $5000. For more information click here.

The Art Bomke Undergraduate Student Award in Soil Science. One award of $3000. For more information click here.


To apply: Please read the above guidelines for the applicable award and submit your application to

Application deadline: 11:59 PM Pacific Time on November 8, 2019

Past Recipients


  • Carson Li - MSc student at the University of British Columbia
  • Patricia Hanuszak - Undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia














Annually, we provide students with the opportunity to showcase their ideas and projects related to soil science at our Spring Workshop and AGM.

To present a poster at our upcoming Spring Workshop and AGM please register here.

Past Recipients


1st Prize: Nicolette Lax (UBC) - Effect of low tunnels and plant biomass and fruit yield of summer squash

2nd Prize: Marieta Marin Bruzos (UBC) - Potential of cherry rhizosphere Actinomycetes as biocontrol agents against plant-parasitic nematodes

3rd Prize: Doug Terpsma (TRU) - The “Topographic Signature”: Using Fine-Scale Soil Variability and Topography for Predicting Available Soil Water in Hot, Dry Douglas-fir Ecosystems

Annually, the PRSSS accepts nominations and applications for the Warkentin Prize. The Warkentin Prize of $500 will be awarded to a student, or someone who has graduated within the last two years, that has published a peer-reviewed article in the field of soil science.

  • For more information about the award and to apply click here

Past Recipients


  • Gabriel Maltais-Landry
  • Jacynthe Masse


  • Katelyn Congreves