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The Provincial Soil of British Columbia is the Alpine Sombric Brunisol!

Alpine sombric brunisols contribute to all aspects of life in the province, as they are at the headwaters and thus the source of most of the water needed to maintain the biodiversity, potable sources for human consumption, industrial activities, recreational opportunities, as well as irrigation for agriculture and food production within the province. The mountains control the regional climates that give rise to the variation in biogeoclimatic zones and the soils that support the diversity of the flora and fauna, of which many species are unique to Canada.

What is an alpine sombric brunisol, and why does it make a good provincial soil for BC?

How was the alpine sombric brunisol selected as the BC provincial soil?

Where can I find alpine sombric brunisols in BC?

sombric brunisol

Photo: Les Lavkulich

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