Summer Soil ID Course

The 2017 Summer Soil ID Course Crew

Every summer the PRSSS hosts a soil identification course that is suitable for both the soil professional and soil-curious alike. Each year the course is held in a different region of BC where course participants can benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by local soil experts as they explore the diverse array of soil types throughout the province.

The course runs for three days, beginning with an introduction to soil classification and field descriptions, as well as proper hand-texturing methods and jar testing. The remaining time is spent in the field where participants gain hands-on experience digging soil pits, interpreting what they discover, and integrating what they observe from the surrounding environment as soil formation factors and soil processes are revealed.

From students to professional foresters and surficial geologists, the varied backgrounds of participants create a unique group dynamic that fosters great conversations, debates, and a lot of fun!

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Upcoming Summer Soil Course

Our current Soil ID Course will be held in the Kootenays between May 1st and May 4th! Fill the form below to register.

Past Summer Soil Courses