In our inventory we have merchandise, books, maps, and more…  See below for photos of the t-shirt logos available and some of the books we have in stock. Follow this link to see our online inventory and prices: online inventory and price list.

Currently, our soil playing cards are out of stock, but stay tuned as we will have some more soon!

If you are interested in purchasing any merchandise, please email the PRSSS at Also, feel free to let us know if you require a receipt.

  • All of our merchandise is available for purchase and pick-up at UBC Vancouver or at any of our events.
  • If you would like us to ship your purchase to you please email us your mailing address (including postal code) and we will create a shipping estimate for you.

  • PRSSS Video Game Theme

  • PRSSS Mountain Patch

  • PRSSS Brown Logo

  • Raising the Profile Logo - Brown

  • Raising the Profile Logo - Beige OUT OF STOCK


Out of Stock

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