Executive positions descriptions

For more information please contact us to prsssemail@gmail.com

Position Responsibilities
  • Plan AGM, Summer soil ID course and Fall field tour
  • Preside over board meetings.
  • Serve as chairman of the executive committee.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all other committees except the nominating committee. 
  • Recommend what committees should be formed and who should chair them. 
  • Be a primary spokesperson for the organization. 
  • Lead the board in the performance of its responsibilities. 
President Elect
  • – Shadow duties of the President and assist the President as needed
  • – Participate in event planning
  • – Represent Society at events
  • – Recruit executive committee members for year as President
  • – Chair the meetings if the President cannot attend
  • – Carry out the duties of the President if the President is absent
  • -Conduct the correspondence of the society
  • -Issue notices of Society and director meetings
  • – Keep minutes of Society and director meetings
  • -Keep Society records and documents
  • Keep financial records of the society, including books of accounting
  • Ensure compliance with the Society Act
  • Render financial statements to the directors, members, and others when required 
  • Prepare budgets for events
Membership Coordinator
  • Maintain the register of members
  • Conduct registration correspondence
  • Ensure payment and forms are completed for memberships and events 
  • Contribute to planning and running events organized by PRSSS
  • Present annual membership information at the AGM
Newsletter Coordinator
  •  Act as editor of seasonal newsletter to be distributed to membership via Mailchimp
  • Compiling interviews, and advertising courses and tours offered by the PRSSS
  • Finding and sharing soil science resources and fun facts 
  • Attending monthly PRSSS executive meetings and helping to organize PRSSS events, including the AGM and Spring workshop, Summer ID course and Fall field trip.
Website + Social Media Coordinator(s)
  • Website:
  •       Maintain website as needed
  •        Post event information, job openings, and other content to the website
  • Social Media Accounts (Instagram and Twitter):
  •        Post photos and Society information on social media accounts
  •        Create posts for events/ awards
  •        Reach out to soil scientist  to create soil-related content 
Regional Representative(s)
  • -Outreach and network with regional organizations
  • -Promote soil-related events/scholarships with regional organizations
  • -Share regional education, employment, and professional development opportunities with membership
Graduate Student Representative(s)
  • -Represent graduate student membership at monthly executive meetings
  • – Outreach to graduate students
  • – Assist with event planning by making class announcements and helping with preparations
Undergraduate Representative(s)
  • -Represent undergraduate student membership at executive meetings
  • -Outreach to undergraduate students
  • -Assist with event planning
  • -Optional: take an additional assistant role (video editing, social media, etc)