The PRSSS has soil ID kits!

20140930_092311A big thank you to all the soil scientists whose donations made it possible for the PRSSS to purchase the equipment needed to make five soil identification kits. For years the PRSSS has borrowed equipment each year from senior soil scientists in order to teach the summer soil ID course. The use of this equipment was and is much appreciated! This spring however, with the gracious donations from many within the soil community, the PRSSS was able to purchase the equipment needed to create five full soil identification kits. These kits will be a long lasting contribution to soil science education in the region!


Donations were provided by:

Shannon Berch

Paul Sanborn

Scott Smith

Maja Krzic

Geoff Hughes-Games

Art Bomke

Cindy Prescott

Les Lavkulich

Mike Van Ham at Sylvis

Marty Kranabetter