2022 Spring AGM and Workshop – Soil Security: past, present, future

Event Details

Recent current events, such as increased forest fire severity, and regional flooding, has influenced many discussions about the state of our soil security. The topic for our 2022 AGM is “Soil Security: past, present, future.” Throughout the day, we will be diving into how past decisions have shaped current events, how current events are shaping future planning, and the different intersections of soil security.

DATE: Saturday, March 5, 2022

AGM Schedule (Time PST) 


Registration cost is $15 for students and $50 for non-students/ professionals*. The price includes registration and a PRSSS annual membership for 2022/2023. The 2022/2023 membership registration cycle lasts from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

*If you are unable to pay the registration fee the PRSSS can subsidize the cost, because Soil Science is for everyone and cost should not be a barrier to education. If you identify as Indigenous, we will waive the registration fee to reflect the fact that the soils we study are on stolen land, therefore all soil science research should be openly available to Indigenous peoples. If either of these scenarios are relevant to you and you are comfortable doing so, please email the PRSSS at prsssemail@gmail.com to let us know.

Registration closes Friday March 4th, 2022 at midnight.

Student 3-minute Thesis Competition

Due to the 2022 PRSSS AGM meeting being in an online format, in lieu of poster presentations, PRSSS is happy to announce a 3-minute thesis presentation. Students are encouraged to share their research in a 3-min rapid presentation format. Presentations should be recorded prior to the AGM event on March 5th, 2022. During the event presenters will participate in a Q&A period.

  • Letter of intent to submit pre-recorded submission video: Due @ registration
  • 3-minute thesis presentation recording: Due March 2nd
  • Recording format: MP4 is preferable, but we can accommodate whatever format is available to you


Event Hosting

The event will be held online using Zoom. The link will be sent out to participants along with the program in the week leading up the event.

2022 AGM and Spring Workshop Registration